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Directly below are my third party vendors; each button will take you to their specific website.

Or keep scrolling down to see my custom/personalized offers!


Custom Caricature Gifts

Need a unique gift for the holidays this year? Caricatures make great gifts and are a fun keepsake for your family, friends, coworkers, clients, etc. Order by Dec 3 to ensure I can get it done before Christmas.




Wanna be Jack and Sally? Gomez and Morticia? Beetlejuice and Lydia? Now you can! These make great gifts for your partner, or your favorite spooky couple.


Save money by using one of my pre-drawn backgrounds. You can also add your family/pets for a small fee.

funko_xmas copy.png

20% OFF Chibi Pops

Sale ends November 30th!

Want a custom gift but you're either not comfortable with a caricature, you prefer my pop chibi style, or you want to save money? Click the link to order my chibi style; after the savings, prices start at only $4!

Previous Christmas Gifts

barbara_card_23 copy.jpg

Custom Holiday Cards

Custom holiday cards are a huge hit with your friends, family, and clients! I can draw new caricatures, use existing caricatures, or use a photo if caricatures aren't your thing. Order a custom background or use a pre-existing one to save money. Click the button to order!

Previous Holiday Cards

il_794xN.5442393018_hl75 copy.png

Custom Ornaments

Want to commemorate a new baby? A new house? Something else? New for 2023, I'm making custom Christmas ornaments. Click the button to see what I've got in my store.

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