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Group caricature

Hire Me!

I'll draw your caricature or illustrate your children's book or board game! Click the link to get started.

Creature design

Custom caricatures and illustrations are a fun and unique way of turning you or your idea into an original piece of art.​


  • A caricature is a fun marketing tool for your brand or business.

  • They help you stand out from competitors.

  • A caricature gift will make your client think of you and your business every time they look at it.

  • Caricatures are also amazing, unique gifts for friends and family.

Get started and order today to get your caricatures by Steve!

Third Party Vendors


Jeff Ross

Comedian and Roastmaster General

"Amazing, hilarious work!"

Tom Woods

NYT Bestselling Author and Historian

"It was an absolute pleasure to have you here, and I just love the unique contribution you made. That caricature is something I will geniunely cherish forever, I might add."

Suzanne Romero

Founder, George A. Romero Foundation

"I love the caricature of George....he is so darned cute!"
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